Zen Thermostat - WiFi Edition

Zen Thermostat - WiFi Edition

$199.00 USD

Zen Thermostat is a smart home thermostat that looks beautiful on your wall.  It is: 

  • Connected – using your existing home WiFi, connect your thermostat seamlessly to the cloud to manage heating, cooling and fan right from your smart device
  • Easy to Use - Comfort shouldn't have to be complicated. Zen Thermostat makes it easy to stay in control of your home heating and cooling.
  • Easy to Install - Our interactive installation guide generates a personalized set of installation and wiring instructions.
  • Beautiful - The LED screen provides clear and simple feedback, with icons only displayed when required.
  • Energy Star Certified: The certification demonstrates that this thermostat can reduce energy consumption in a home or business by up to 19%.

PLEASE NOTE – Home WiFi is required to use the Zen Thermostat WiFi app to control the thermostat using a smart device.

  • Simple, intuitive touch operation on the thermostat
  • Connects easily with your home WiFi for operation using the Zen Thermostat app to manage heating, cooling and custom schedules
  • Beautiful design that blends seamlessly with your home
  • Cool, heat auto and emergency heat mode
  • Fan mode (Auto or On)

  • Adjust temperature by 1F or 0.5C
  • Multiple display languages (English, French, Spanish)
  • WiFi compatible
  • Supports firmware updates
  • Continuous operation on C-wire (if present)
  • 1 year battery life (on 4 AA batteries, with typical operation); battery saver option for extended battery life

PLEASE NOTE: For complete compatibility information, click here.

  • Supported heating system types: Forced Air, Heat Pump, Gas, Electric, Millivolt, Hydronic
  • Supported cooling system types: Heat Pump, Evaporative, Hydronic
  • One or Two Stage Conventional Heat and Cooling
  • Two Stage Heat Pump (With Auxiliary Heat)

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We believe that thermostats should be elegant and simple


Comfortable doesn't
have to be complicated


seemless integration
with your home